July 08, 2012

A Moment of Nature (poem)

A Moment of Nature

amidst this awkward night
a storm is encroaching
on the back of tonights breeze

aware of my pulse and breaths
I sit and listen to the sky
low rumbles in the distance
and flashes that I miss
the sly wind ruffles my hair

the smell of rain comes even before it does
now as it falls
pit and pat on my car
I marvel at this occurrence

the air gets cooler
as the rain gets louder
and yet I refuse to close it off
unwilling to disconnect from this vocal night

civilization is meager few yards away
yet at this moment nature overwhelms it
but nature doesn�t last
and the next moment is silent
as are the moments that follow

the trees are too still
and the hum of engines and electricity fill my ears
my heart sinks
and I am now all to aware of reality

needingalex at 11:01 p.m.

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